Three Ways Pine Crest School Faculty Go The Extra Mile For Their Students

Posted by Pine Crest School on December 11, 2018 at 2:24 PM

By Grace Pettee ’20 

Everyday when I cross campus to the Upper School, I pass by the hallways where I hoped to be nominated as door holder or line leader as a Lower School student. I continue walking down the corridors and spot one of my teachers from Middle School outside the cafeteria. She tells me how much I have grown in such a short amount of time. As I make my way toward the Upper School, I remember being intimidated by the idea of a big and tall high schooler.


Students, like me who have been at Pine Crest School since pre-kindergarten, are called “lifers.” For a total of 14 years, lifers spend their days bleeding green and white, the only colors we will ever feel such a profound connection with.


Starting Pine Crest School as a pre-kindergarten student has allowed me to develop connections and relationships with teachers and faculty that have stayed with me throughout my time here. The Pine Crest faculty is composed of hundreds of talented individuals who truly care about the advancement of each and every one of their students. All of my friends say that their teachers are the best part of Pine Crest.


There are many reasons our teachers are so special. Here are a few reasons why Pine Crest faculty have been a special part of my Pine Crest experience for the past 13 years.

1. They Adjust their Teaching Styles to Fit Individual Needs

Each student learns information in different ways. Teachers at Pine Crest understand that and adjust based on the needs of the individual.

In my Upper School Chemistry Honors class, I remember when my teacher gave us a task of arranging certain people on specific floors of a hotel. Sounds pointless right? In reality, my teacher had just taught us how to formulate and balance chemical equations.

Faculty often find ways to make their subjects more hands-on, sometimes taking students into the Zimmerman Family or Mintz Family iLab, our makerspaces, to turn a concept into reality.


2. They Put their Students Before Themselves

Pine Crest teachers and administrators make themselves available to support students. They truly care about the well-being of their students and are willing to dedicate hours of their time to ensure our success in and out of school.


It is not uncommon to see faculty, and even administrators cheering us on at games after school, even when they are not on campus. We also see them at concerts and performances of all types.


Pine Crest faculty understand what it is like to be overwhelmed and under stress. They often alter their plans and schedules to fit the needs of their students. Extra help, before or after school, provides students with a unique opportunity to catch up or understand a concept in greater detail outside the classroom. Teachers are often available to help me and other students as early as 7:15 a.m. and as late at 5:15 p.m.


3. They Develop Connections with their Students 

Although the Pine Crest community is extensive, students like myself feel comfortable around all staff and administrators no matter the department they work in. From the Lower School all the way to the weight room, students know that all faculty members on campus are here to help.


I can recall a time when I was in first grade and loved going to P.E. class. Later in Upper School, one of my P.E. coaches taught my ninth grade health class. She shared stories and claimed that my enthusiasm on the field in Lower School had followed me to my classroom in Upper School. It’s times like these where I feel grateful to be surrounded by such unique, talented, and caring staff members who value the meaning of community.


No matter what grade you enter Pine Crest, stepping into a community of compassionate and dedicated faculty members is what students like me love the most about Pine Crest.


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