Step Up Your Game this Summer at Pine Crest’s Sports Performance Camp

Posted by Pine Crest School on April 24, 2018 at 11:26 AM

Did you know that one of the most important ways athletes prepare and advance in their sport is through strength training? Strength training is crucial for any athlete hoping to drastically improve their performance and reduce the chance of injury, especially in the increasingly competitive world of athletics.

Having worked with athletes for 27 years, Tim Hibbs, CSCS, Head of Sports Performance, knows how strength training improves athletes’ performance. “Not strength training is like going to a sport without your cleats, your glove, or your stick,” said Coach Hibbs. “If you’re serious about your craft, no matter the sport, strength training is proven to be beneficial.”

For athletes in grades four through nine who are looking to improve their performance, the Pine Crest Sports Performance Camp is the perfect opportunity to learn crucial techniques for improving agility and honing age-appropriate skills in strength training. This program runs for the entire summer. Campers may sign up for the entire summer or one week at a time.

What makes Pine Crest’s Sports Performance Camp stand out?

Student-athletes will have experienced and certified coaches to instruct them on form, sports psychology, and nutrition. In addition, campers will learn how to support their athletic pursuits while maintaining a healthy body and mind. The staff has many combined years of experience focusing and working successfully with the MS/HS age group.

What does a day at Sports Performance Camp look like?

A typical day for athletes will consist of learning dynamic warm-ups (which are perfect for preparing the body for competition), practicing agility, improving gait when running, and, of course, strength training.

The program is perfect for everyone because it does not cater to one sport in particular. Instead, it teaches athletes techniques that will improve their game regardless of the sports they play.

What are you waiting for? Learn more about Sports Performance Camp at Pine Crest School, and all of the summer options available for campers of all ages.


P.S. New this year, Middle School- aged campers will have the chance to design their summer experience at Pine Crest. Through the Middle School Enrichment program, various camps are being offered in week-long sessions. This allows campers to mix and match their activities — sports performance, science, dark room photography, and more.


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