Meet Christian Geter ’23

Posted by Pine Crest School on June 12, 2023 at 12:27 PM

Christian Geter ’23 joined Pine Crest School as a sixth grade student. Christian has been a student leader throughout his time in the Upper School, relying upon his quiet confidence and collaborative nature to represent his peers while working with School administrators. 


As a senior, Christian was the Student Council Executive Board President, but before that role, he served as the president of his freshman, sophomore, and junior classes.  

IMG_8725Christian presents his original research to students and faculty.

Last spring, Christian was awarded the George Eastman Young Leaders Award from the University of Rochester. This award seeks to recognize future leaders who will have an impact on our world. In addition, he is a four-year member of the Beta Club and was named a College Board National African American Recognition Program Scholar. 


As a student, he was a member of the three-year science research program, and a two-sport athlete playing football and basketball. 


We had the opportunity to ask Christian a few questions about his time at Pine Crest:


You served as the student council president this year, what was it like to work with your peers in this capacity? 


Christian Geter ’23 (CG): Serving as a student leader has been a learning experience. It has been interesting for me to take the different wants and needs of students and implement that into new events and activities. I enjoyed being able to change things and be a driver of that change. If there was something we wanted to implement, I could reach out to teachers and administrators to work toward achieving those goals. 

IMG_6255Christian celebrates Homecoming and senior night with his parents, Allison and James.


What were some of the obstacles you faced as a student leader? How did you overcome them?

CG: The biggest obstacle for me was during the global pandemic and distance learning. We wanted to keep school spirit up and help everyone take their minds off of school and the challenges we were all facing. 


In addition to serving as a student leader, you were also a member of the three-year science research program. What drew you to the program and what have you enjoyed most about it?


CG: I had a good friend who is two years older than me who was in the program. He told me how helpful it was to his overall experience here and encouraged me to take advantage of what Pine Crest has to offer that sets us apart from other schools. I didn't want to leave any opportunity on the table. I always had an interest in science, so I applied and here I am three years later!

IMG_2031Christian conducted research at the University of Miami during the summer of 2022.

Besides being a student leader and a science research member, you also play football and basketball. How did you balance sports with your academic schedule?


CG: It balances itself somewhat. Administrators and teachers organize events so that they don’t always fall at the same time. Where there is overlap, I have to pick and choose and be efficient with my time.


What other extracurricular activities were you involved with? 


CG: I am interested in business, so my friend and I work with a rental car company to act as brokers between rental companies and dealers. We buy cars from dealers and then sell them to rental companies. It’s been a great way to apply my interest in business. At school, aside from student council, I am a member of the Black Students Association and the debate team. 


Where will you be attending college next year? Do you already know what you will study?


CG: I will attend the University of Miami. I am thinking about business law, or maybe a double major in business and something science-related.


What are you most excited about as you get ready for your first semester? 


CG: I am looking forward to the change of environment and stepping into the next chapter of new freedom. 


What will you miss most about Pine Crest?


CG: Having a close community. Sometimes, it's a drawback because everyone knows everyone, but I do think it is something to miss because of the sense of familiarity—you never feel out of place. 

NHP_3390Christian (right) with friends Jordan Faison ’23 and Zekai Hamilton ’23 at senior sunrise. (Photo courtesy of Nate Pritzker ’23.)

What was your favorite class or teacher?

Ms. Gordinier and science research. The class is what you make of it. Balancing the many facets of Upper School—this was one class where I could do what I am most interested in and work at my own pace.

Ms. Gordinier, I have had her for three years and she is one of the teachers that knows me the best. She is a person on campus you know is looking out for you and has your best interest at heart. 


What advice would you give to an incoming freshman on how to make the most of their Pine Crest Upper School experience?


CG: Try to think of what you are nervous about coming into Upper School. Identify your weakness and put yourself in a position to overcome that and stretch beyond your comfort level; seek opportunities to help you overcome those fears. 

I’m not naturally outgoing. In eighth grade, when I decided to run for class president, I thought “I want to be someone who is outgoing and good at public speaking,” and I was able to learn and develop those skills from the student council leadership positions I have held. I am glad I put myself in those uncomfortable situations. 



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