Pine Crest Collegiate Student-Athletes

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Student-athletes who intend to continue their athletic career at the college level demonstrate passion, a strong work ethic, and most of all, discipline.

At Pine Crest School, student-athletes are supported by their coaches, whose college contacts are some of the best in South Florida. Our coaches work with our college counselors to ensure a prospective college has the full picture of each student-athlete.

With the resources to train the entire athlete as well as assistance with editing and preparing highlight videos that showcase each student’s strengths, Pine Crest works with students to find the best fit and opportunity.

Class of 2023

Jordan Faison, University of Notre Dame - Football & Lacrosse
Julia Podkoscielny, University of Florida - Swimming
Alexandra Gladding, Vanderbilt University - Lacrosse
Sam Brown, George Mason University - Golf
Ava Andersen, Southern Methodist University - Diving
Lauren Balfour, Brandeis University - Swimming
Riley Botting, Yale University- Swimming
Samantha Feeley, Georgetown University - Rowing
Jack Gabrielle, Colgate University - Cross Country and Track
Michael Harrigan, Oberlin College - Baseball
Nash Jarolem, Tufts University - Lacrosse
Josh Kelsky, Emerson College - Baseball
Michaela Landry, Colby College - Tennis
Mason Koczwara, Lafayette College - Baseball
Corye Readon, Grinnell College - Football
Andres van Woerkom, Bentley University - Football

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Class of 2022

Ella Bishara, Colgate University - Lacrosse

Bella Cassaretto, Dartmouth University - Sailing

Isabella Chambers, Tufts University - Swimming

Antonio Correa, Lafayette College - Baseball

Wyatt Denhard, United States Military Academy West Point - Swimming

Colby Geddis, Wesleyan University - Football

Dean Gordon, Amherst College - Football

Denny Gulia-Janovski, Harvard University - Diving

Lara Jones, Columbia University - Rowing

Esther Lin, Carnegie Mellon University - Swimming

Ashlyn McGinn, University of Virginia - Rowing

Kevin Mendez, University of North Carolina - Diving

Sloan Shade, Vassar College - Lacrosse

Hanna Elks-Smith, United States Naval Academy - Swimming and Tennis

Cianna Tejada, University of Miami - Volleyball

Class of 2021

Flora Beleznay, Bucknell University - Water Polo

Haley Cisewski, Loyola University (Maryland) - Swimming

Jamie Corsillo, University of Notre Dame - Tennis

Charlie Del Vecchio, University of Chicago - Baseball

Leo Ghiloni, Emory University - Basketball

Taylor McClain, Bucknell University, Lacrosse

Gavin Sullivan, Northeastern University - Soccer

Mahdere Yared, Yale University - Cross Country & Track


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Class of 2020

Andrew Amunategui, Johns Hopkins University - Football

Maya Beleznay, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Cross Country & Track

Rachel Botting, Miami University (Ohio) - Swimming

Ryann Breault, University of North Carolina - Pembroke - Softball

Caleb Cyr, Johns Hopkins University - Baseball

Andres De La Puente, Navy Academy - Rowing

Emily Faulhaber, Brown University - Cross Country & Track

Ashley Gold, Babson College - Volleyball

Graham Gotlieb, University of Pennsylvania - Football

Kevin Harvey, University of Montevallo - Lacrosse

Jimmy Hart, Kenyon College - Swimming

Eddie Hoffman, Georgetown University - Rowing

Liz Kaplan, Columbia University - Lacrosse

Elvis Kotikovski, Florida State University - Swimming

David Lins, Harvard University - Tennis

Chloe Maister, Cornell University - Lacrosse

Enrico Pradines, Yale University - Rowing

Andrea Santander, University of Southern California - Swimming

Amanda Schwartz, Cornell University - Cross Country & Track

Will Taner, Cornell University - Swimming

Jordan Vital, University of Chicago - Lacrosse

Tsion Yared, Princeton University - Cross Country & Track

Class of 2019

Brian Anderson, Williams College - Football

Konrad Ehmke, Gettysburg College - Football & Baseball

Maddie Fowler, Rice University - Volleyball

Daniel Gale, Yale University - Tennis

Mitch Gray, University of Chicago - Baseball

Alexa Jacques, Harvard University - Rowing

Luke Kessinger, Butler University - Football

Kadin Katsch, Carnegie Mellon University - Football

Natalie Klar, Emory University - Soccer

Cassie Lawlor, Washington University of St. Louis - Cross Country

John Meany, Wake Forest University - Baseball

Alexsandra Meszaros, Washington University of St. Louis - Swimming

Gabriel Ortega, Babson College - Cross Country

Jabari Owens, University of Chicago - Cross Country

Gabriella Pearl, Tufts University - Track & Field

Matt Petreski, University of Florida - Swimming

Lauren Pollock, Tufts University - Rowing

Sami Restrepo, Clark University - Softball

Alexandra Rios, University of Wisconsin - Rowing

Chris Russo, University of Chicago - Baseball

Molly See, Bucknell University - Swimming

Jacob Silberman, Williams College - Swimming

Ishani Singh, Yale University - Diving

Demi Snyder, Harvard University - Tennis

Britta Strain,  Texas A&M University - Equestrian & Rodeo

Aislinn Sullivan, University of Pennsylvania - Rowing

Nick Vale, Kenyon College - Swimming

Hannah Virgin, Virginia Tech University - Swimming

Ali Watson, Duke University - Diving

Class of 2018

George Aloia, Syracuse University -  Rowing

Marissa Brannan, George Washington University  - Swimming

Tony Bridges, Cornell University - Track & Field

Jared de Faria, Johns Hopkins University - Baseball

Robert Fatovic, Cornell University - Football

Nico Ferrara, University of Virginia - Swimming

Bailey Finkelberg, Johns Hopkins University - Football

Daniela Gomez, Swarthmore College - Swimming

Lyle Hayes-Macaluso, University of Florida - Diving

Anna Montgomery, Davidson College - Swimming

Annabella Lyn, Swarthmore College - Swimming

Samantha Perlman, University of Michigan - Rowing

Karlie Pollock, Haverford College - Soccer

Skylar Pollock, Carnegie Mellon University - Soccer

Tara Shecter, Princeton University - Lacrosse

Jacob Shiff, Haverford College - Lacrosse

Kennady Smith, Boston University - Lacrosse

Jacob Solomon, University of Hartford - Baseball

Evanthia Spyredes, Cornell University - Soccer

Shari Stenglein, Columbia University - Volleyball

Ryan Sullivan, Boston University - Soccer

Hutchens Torregrosa, Babson College - Lacrosse

Class of 2017

Ariana Altieri, Williams College - Volleyball

Amanda Anderson, Bowdoin College - Lacrosse

Matthew Becker, Swarthmore - College Lacrosse

Benjamin Brody, Vassar College - Volleyball

Kylie Bruder, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - Volleyball

Marta Ciesla, University of Southern California - Swimming

Valeria De Las Casas, Emory University - Basketball

Carly Feldman, Washington University in St. Louis - Tennis

Dane Gailitis, Purdue University - Diving

Amanda Gibson, Babson College - Soccer

Andrew Haeffner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Basketball

Brett Haeffner, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Basketball

Jake Kessinger, Emory University - Baseball

John Page, Bowdoin College - Football

Joao Vitor Pereira,  Carnegie Mellon University - Swimming

Juliette Pozzuoli, University of Pennsylvania - Diving

Michael Rothenberg, Duke University - Baseball

Jordan Schulefand, University of Richmond - Baseball

Jacob Singer, Emory University - Baseball

Christian Soderberg, Boston University - Swimming

Stephanie Taylor, Emory University - Tennis

Simone Vreeland, University of Miami - Cross Country

Samuel Wurth, Lehigh University - Baseball


Class of 2016

Garrison Bentz, Drexel University - Rowing

Brooke Bernstein, Tufts University - Swimming

Brianna Bruny, Bryant University - Volleyball

Autumn Clark, Wagner College - Soccer

Sophia Danielsen, New York University - Soccer

Jordyn Elliot, University of California, Berkeley - Soccer

Austin Fields, Harvard University - Diving

Hunter Fields, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Diving

Anton Generalov, University of Chicago - Swimming

Sabrina Gornisiewicz, Tufts University - Swimming

Ryan Graff, Cornell University - Swimming

Stewart Hackleman, Lafayette College - Football

Samantha Haubenstock, Washington University of St. Louis - Golf

Caroline Jordan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Lacrosse

Izabella Lopez, American University - Lacrosse

Julia Montgomery, College of William & Mary - Cross Country

Robert Pearl, Dickinson College - Football

Alyssa Pujals, University of Florida - Cross Country

Garrett Rukes, University of Alabama - Baseball

Elliot Seckler, Johns Hopkins University - Tennis

Karlie Simpson, Fairleigh Dickinson University - Soccer

Bianca Tedesco, Winthrop University - Lacrosse

Isabelle Turner, New York University - Soccer


Class of 2015

Ravi Bakhai, University of Chicago - Baseball

McCoy Berger, Tufts University - Football

Carolyn Chaney, University of Miami - Diving

Steven Chervony, University of Texas - Golf

Griffin Conine, Duke University - Baseball

Ines de Bracamonte, Bates College - Tennis

Alexandra Gershman, University of Southern California - Lacrosse

Miriyam Ghali, Columbia University - Swimming

Patrick Haley, Macalester College - Football

Nylah Hamilton, Emory University - Soccer

Zack Kone, Duke University - Baseball

Max Krieg, Haverford College - Soccer

James Leahy, University of Chicago - Football

Catherine Lott, Pomona College - Golf

Kaely Malik, Boston University - Tennis

Jack Marchetto, Washington University of St. Louis - Soccer

Tyla Martin, University of Florida - Swimming

Isaac Mercado, Valparaiso University - Football

Nick Nolting, Davidson College - Football

Adam Saks, Cornell University - Baseball

Lindsey Swartz, Princeton University - Swimming

Katarina Stevanovich, University of Chicago - Tennis

Justin Stolzenberg, Washington University of St. Louis - Football

Antonio Vrankovic, Duke University - Basketball


Class of 2014

Brady Acton, Villanova University - Baseball

Casey Cruzpino, Coast Guard Academy - Softball

Brandon Danzansky, University of Redlands - Soccer

John Decker, Babson College - Track and Field

Alex Evenson, Georgetown University - Swimming

Haley Fox, Stanford University - Sailing

Madeline Goldberg, Cornell University - Crew

Kent Haeffner, Harvard University - Swimming

Chris Koppenhaver, Duke University - Baseball

Chase Navellier, Stanford University - Crew

Ryan Pristo, Princeton University - Crew

Matthew Rothenberg, Harvard University - Baseball

Hannah Veale, Queens University - Swimming

Leo Zingg, Washington University of St. Louis -  Football

Class of 2013

Daniel Arkin, Ohio Northern University - Football

Michael Cibene, Ohio State University - Football

Kalvin Cline, Virginia Tech University - Football

Kyle Diener, Colgate University - Football

Michael Diener, Hofstra University - Lacrosse

Jasmine Docal, Northwestern University - Lacrosse

Thomas Doolittle, Lafayette College - Swimming

Austin Evenson, Georgetown University - Swimming

Daniel Fine, University of Tampa - Baseball

Casey Francis, Pennsylvania State University - Swimming

Steven Goldberg, Lehigh University - Baseball

Savanna Gornisiewicz, Amherst College - Cross Country

Scott Halperin, Tufts University - Football

Brittany Hammond, University of Missouri - Swimming

Anastasia Hediger, Bowdoin College - Swimming

Descartes Holland, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Swimming

Roy Lederman, Stanford University - Tennis

Clayton Lisy, Wagner College - Football

Mallory McKeon, Columbia University - Swimming

Carli Marsh, University of Florida - Lacrosse

Danielle Pendergast, Syracuse University - Track and Field

Chad Resnik, Goucher College - Tennis

Sam Talkow, Boston University - Lacrosse

Mark Simpson, Florida Atlantic University - Soccer

Harris Stolzenberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Football and Lacrosse

Ella Wurth, University of Pennsylvania - Track and Field


Class of 2012

Hunter Barnett, Rutgers University - Lacrosse

Kyra Baum, Tufts University Girls - Volleyball

Emily Becker, Bucknell University - Lacrosse

Carolina Berger, Tufts University Girls - Volleyball

Delaney Brock, Duke University - Swimming

Evan Buhler, Hamilton College - Football

Dewayne Cameron, College of The Holy Cross - Football

Danielle Coller, University of Wisconsin - Crew

Carlos de Bracamonte, Amherst College - Tennis

Gotti Eisenberger, University of Southern California - Swimming

Austin Evenson, Georgetown University - Swimming

Ali Finkelstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Crew

Gabriel Gonzalez, Brown University - Football

Traveon Henry, Northwestern University - Football

Michael Holz, Bates College - Football

Jack Jablonski, Princeton University - Crew

Alex Jaffe, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Tennis

Mallory McKeon, Columbia University - Swimming

Daniel Moon, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Crew

Lily Morrison, Dartmouth College - Golf

Miles Nolting, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Basketball

Shea Parikh, Davidson College - Baseball

Michal Rokita, University of Missouri - Swimming

Tiffany Thompson, St. Leo University - Softball

Isaac Thylen, Babson College - Tennis

Edward Walker, Princeton University - Crew

Ryan Walter, Johns Hopkins University - Swimming

Blaine Willenborg, University of Pennsylvania - Tennis

Class of 2011

David Abers, Babson College - Soccer

Obi Aribeana, Bentley College - Football

Ben Arkin, Davidson College - Baseball

Ryan Bauder, Wake Forest University - Football

Steven Benson, Stetson University - Football

Katrina Bertrand, Villanova University - Crew

Sarah Brody, Haverford College Softball - Volleyball

Evan Brovender, Cornell University - Football

Calla Cissel, University of Delaware - Crew

William Coughlan, Bentley College - Football

Jack Docal, Tufts University - Football

Natalie Eisner, University of Pennsylvania - Crew

Chad Ginsburg, Brown University - Football

Lindsay Graff, Princeton University - Tennis

Jessica Izhakoff, Harvard - Crew

Janine Jablonski, Dartmouth - Crew

Zack Kessinger, Washington University, St. Louis - Baseball

Lance Kirschenbaum, Lehigh University - Baseball

Zack Mahfood, College of William and Mary - Football

Keith Parkinson, University of New Hampshire - Football

Michael Pierson, Appalachian State University - Baseball

Katie Quinn, Naval Academy - Crew

Karina Rios, University of Pennsylvania - Softball

Chase Ullman, College of the Holy Cross - Football

Thomas Veale, University of Florida - Swimming

Jacob Werman, Rutgers University - Lacrosse


Class of 2010

Joseph Becker, University of Rhode Island - Football

Jeremiah Bell, Wagner College - Football

Tatiana Berger, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Volleyball

Caroline Brand, University of Pennsylvania - Crew

Brett Buzzard, Wagner College - Football

Siena DeVenuto, Auburn University - Swimming

Robert Dowd, Yale University - Swimming

Paige Finkelstein, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Crew

Leah Fried, Rice University - Tennis

Eleyna Garcia, Guilford College - Lacrosse

Nathan Hardy, Cornell University - Crew

James Jordan, Holy Cross - Football

Brandon Knight University of Kentucky - Basketball

Emily Lazowick, Washington University - Track and Field

Jason Lee, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Crew

Matt Milk, Saint Francis of Brooklyn - Basketball

Eli Mlaver, Amherst College - Tennis

Aaron Mondshine, Dartmouth College - Football

Joel Rosen, Emory University - Cross Country

Danielle Scheer, Colgate University - Crew

Lauren Shamon, University of Georgia - Equestrian

Megan Smith, Hillsdale College - Swimming

Frankie Tumminello, Bates College - Lacrosse

Wyatt Zeller, Tufts University - Soccer


Class of 2009

Chris Baker, Vanderbilt University - Cross Country and Track and Field

Alexa Bellows, Cornell University - Crew

Stephanie Eisenring, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Swimming

Kyle Francis, Anderson University - Baseball

Caitlin Hampton, Wheaton College - Basketball and Lacrosse

Will Handley, Loyola College - Golf

Chris Higgins, College of Holy Cross - Football

Nicholas Manousos, Stanford University - Swimming

Lara Moseley, Fordham University - Swimming

Andrew Novakoff, University of Michigan - Swimming

Lindsay Orchard, University of Idaho - Swimming

Meaghan Osceola, Emmanuel College - Basketball

Marvin Pierre, Lehigh University - Football

Victor Pinedo, Washington University - Cross Country and Track and Field

Greg Povlow, McDaniel College - Baseball

Nicole Russell, Bates College - Volleyball and Tennis

Amanda Savage, Georgetown University - Crew

Caitlin Schuessler, University of Florida - Track and Field

Colin Smith, Brown University - Sailing

Shelby Spicer, Providence College - Volleyball

Jonathan Torres, Fairleigh Dickinson University - Baseball

Edward Waite, Monmouth University - Basketball

Thomas Wohlwender, Williams College - Football


Class of 2008

Brooke Atkinson, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Swimming

Alexandria Catania, University of Tampa - Swimming

Sterling Champion, Tufts University - Lacrosse

Marissa Enfield, Scripps College - Lacrosse

Adam Hardy, Swarthmore College - Baseball

Dawid Goszczycki, University of Pittsburgh - Swimming

Elizabeth Levine, Trinity College - Crew

Jeff Pelage, Boston University - Basketball

Zachary Perlman, University of Pennsylvania - Football

Meghan Quinn, Kenyon College - Swimming

Brandon Reese, Syracuse University - Basketball

Adam Shapiro, Colgate University - Football

Mike Zequeira, Anderson University - Baseball


Class of 2007

Franklin Aribeana, Lehigh University - Soccer

Jonathan Armold, Flagler College - Baseball

Brett Burgs, Boston University - Swimming

Agata Dudysova, University of Miami - Golf

Pedro Geri, Kenyon College - Swimming

Taylor Jordan, Bucknell University - Crew

Natan Levy, Wheaton College - Cross Country and Track and Field

Ryan Munoz, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Baseball

Yoelvis Pedraza, University of Florida - Swimming

Logan Shapiro, University of North Carolina, Wilmington - Softball

Sabina Sinska, University of North Carolina, Wilmington - Swimming

Jack Smith, Sewanee College - Football

Tyler Smith, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill - Swimming

Lauren Soutar, Savannah College of the Arts - Swimming

Andrew Zolot, Amherst College - Soccer


Class of 2006

Joseph Castaldi, Yale University - Baseball

Natalie Drucker, Penn State University - Volleyball

Travis Henry, Yale University - Football

Megan Howard, University of Florida - Volleyball

Evan Levy, Cornell University - Football

Jessica Lokeinsky, Stetson University - Softball

Alexandra Marata, Barnard College - Crew

Zach Nolan, Stanford University - Football

Leon Rosenberg, Aaron Lehigh University - Lacrosse

Sune Smith, University of Miami - Swimming

Lucas Spielfogel, Andrew Yale University - Crew


Class of 2005

Allemand, Robin Williams College - Baseball

Atkinson, James University of Georgia - Swimming

Bachow, Brian Colby College - Football

Joey Fitzgerald, Hampden-Sydney College - Football

Kristine Kovacs, University of Pennsylvania - Soccer

Laura Lacombe, Harvard University - Crew

Kurt Lipton, Vanderbilt University - Baseball

Phillip Lord, Eckerd College - Baseball

Colleen Quinn, U.S. Naval Academy - Swimming

Christie Raleigh, Florida State University - Swimming

Ryan Taney, Harvard University - Crew

Ryan Walsh, Harvard University - Soccer

Zach Wasserman, Vassar College - Soccer


Class of 2004

Nick Arduini, Norwich University - Football and Baseball

Lauren Bennett, Carnegie Mellon - Crew

Alexandra Berman, Amherst College - Golf

Bailey Blosser, University of California, Los Angeles - Crew

Josh Brauser, University of Maryland - Tennis

Robin Chanin, Colby College - Basketball

Angela Crudele, Williams College - Soccer

Capria DeVenuto, University of Miami - Swimming

Alexander Harrell, University of Florida - Football

Alison Hess, Princeton University - Volleyball

Morgan Locke, Yale University - Swimming

Jon Maurer, Harris Rice University - Crew

Josh McMahan, Eckerd College - Baseball

Stefan Mianowski, Emory University - Swimming

Patrick Quinn, Harvard University - Swimming

Lorelle Rau, Appalachian State - Volleyball

Brittany Ross, Clemson University - Volleyball

Elizabeth Smith, University of Florida - Crew

Boris Spiwak, Princeton University - Crew

Morgan White, Lehigh University - Crew


Class of 2003

Ahmed, Ali Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Football

Beck, David Amherst College - Lacrosse

Brogan, Fritz Georgetown - Football

Calareso, Julie Bowdoin College - Volleyball

Dettman, Derek Amherst College - Football and Lacrosse

Nina Durchfort, Bowdoin College - Volleyball

Marshall Godschalk, Northeastern University - Crew

Laura Golden, Amherst College - Volleyball

Brett Irvin, Florida State University - Swimming

Andrew Roberts, Carlton College - Football

Chris Schimpf, Hamilton College - Lacrosse

Vesna Stojanovska, Georgia Institute of Technology - Swimming

Kalei Walker, University of Notre Dame - Swimming

Briton Yonge, U.S. Naval Academy - Crew

Jeff Zamis, U.S. Military Academy - Football

Skye Zeller, Dartmouth College - Volleyball


Class of 2002

Jamie Blosser, Boston College - Crew

Alec Brown, Rhodes College - Baseball

Andrew Greener, University of Florida - Swimming

Alexander Hasslacher, Boston University - Crew

Marty Jacobson,  University of Florida - Crew

Tristram Jordan, University of Florida - Swimming

Caroline Kluczkowski, Duke University - Swimming

Matt Maroone, Carnegie Mellon - Football

Mario Montalvo Cantu, Georgia Institute of Technology - Swimming

David Schecter, Yale University - Lacrosse

Catherine Simmons, University of Florida - Crew

Greg Stein, Harvard University - Crew

Nicholas Wanka, Carlton College - Football

Kyle Zeller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Baseball


Class of 2001

Michael Averett, Florida State University - Swimming

Kevin Boothe, Cornell University - Football - NFL drafted

Joshua Carroll, Union College - Football

Daniel Conner, Yale University - Swimming

Roberta Gibson, Bucknell University - Swimming

Evan Harrell, Duke University - Soccer

Benjamin Koellmann, Carnegie Mellon University - Football

Joe LoCurto, Florida International University - Football

Geoffrey Lottenberg, Carnegie Mellon University - Football

Robert McCurdy, Pomona College - Swimming

Geoffrey McQueen, University of Pennsylvania - Basketball

Sean Monk, Hanover College - Football

Viraj Patel, Dartmouth College - Volleyball

Kathryn Purvis, Johns Hopkins University - Swimming

Carlos Rivera, U.S. Naval Academy - Crew

Doug Rose, Davidson College - Baseball

Karina Swette, University of Pennsylvania - Volleyball

Ryan Wagner, Cornell University - Football


Class of 2000

Fitzgerald, Ryan U.S. Air Force Academy - Swimming

Hergianto, Justin Vassar College - Baseball

Paul Kowalski, Brown University - Football

John Leinicke, Boston University - Crew

Jamie Peterkin, University of Kentucky - Swimming

Rohit Punyani, Colby College - Football

Jessica Purmort, Brown University - Swimming

Scott Schultz, University of Florida - Swimming

Russ Throckmorton, University of Kentucky - Swimming


Class of 1999

Alex Anderson, Santa Clara University - Baseball

Buhrman, Steve Dartmouth College - Football

Michael Plunkett, Hamilton College - Football

Ellen Goodman, Hobart, William and Smith - Crew

Abby Hawkins, Duke University - Crew

John Hilmer, Hamilton College - Football

Justin Kaplan, Colgate University - Football

Kerri Murphy, University of Notre Dame - Crew

Paul Perri, Furman University - Baseball

Semmie Taylor, Hamilton College - Baseball

Rob Turner, Central Michigan - Football

Orlando Wood, Columbia University - Crew


Class of 1998

Kevin Bush, Amherst College - Football

Chris Case, Washington University - Football

Matthew Drossos, Dartmouth College Crew

Alexander Liroff, Dartmouth College - Crew

Jon LoBello, Rollins College - Baseball

Eddie Odabachian, Northeastern University - Crew

Kate Murphy, Dartmouth College - Crew

Billy Shansky, University of Richmond - Football

Jonathan Weiss, Yale University - Crew


Class of 1997

Kenneth Barrington, Amherst College - Football

Gordon Chen, Brown University - Football

Hudson Gill, Washington University - Football

Scott Wagner, Yale University - Football

Justin Weitzenfeld, University of Florida - Football

Matt Wright, Stanford University - Football

Aaron Woods, College of Holy Cross - Football


Class of 1996

Brittany Cazel, Princeton University - Crew

Ted Karniewicz, Emory University - Baseball

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