Spotlight on Kevin Boothe ’01

Posted by Pine Crest School on March 6, 2019 at 11:54 AM

Previously published on May 6, 2016.

“I am proud to be a Pine Crest School alumnus,” said Kevin Boothe ’01. “No matter where I live, I always have a home at 1501 NE 62nd Street.”

Kevin is a former professional football player, having played for the Oakland Raiders and the New York Giants. After graduating from Pine Crest, Kevin attended Cornell University where he earned his Bachelor of Science. He was drafted to the NFL in 2006, but returned to the classroom to earn his Master of Business Administration from the George Washington University in 2013. 

Today he works for the NFL as the Manager of Football Operations Strategy and Business Development.

“A favorite memory was of my graduation from sixth grade going to Upper School,” said Kevin. At the time, the Middle School as we know it today did not exist. “I was asked to speak, and that moment still stands out to me. The title of my speech was ‘Year of the Rookie. I talked about how great my first year at Pine Crest was.”

“I always make a point to come back to campus and visit,” said Kevin. “Everything about this place, my teachers, the friends that I made - many are still here and I just love coming back.”

Kevin has been inspired to give to Pine Crest having donated new helmets for the football team, memorabilia and gifts to The Pine Crest Fund. “I give because I want to help current students have an even better experience than I did,” said Kevin.

“Pine Crest is constantly evolving to prepare students for the future. I see that every time I come back. There is always something new, I get lost on campus now! The way that I look at it, whatever I can contribute, including my time, I want to because Pine Crest means that much to me.”  

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