Transitioning to Pine Crest Upper School

Posted by Pine Crest School on December 17, 2018 at 12:22 PM

By Sophia Lieuw-Kie-Song ’22

Transitioning from Middle to Upper School is a big jump, one that comes with anticipation, worry, and excitement. The change may be intimidating for some eighth grade students, however, going from Pine Crest School in Boca Raton to the Upper School on the Fort Lauderdale campus is anything but stressful.

Students come together to form one unified class and make bonds that help the transition go by almost effortlessly.

We get to know each other

Throughout eighth grade, students from both campuses have several opportunities to meet and get to know one another. Whether at lunch after listening to a guest speaker, or cheering on the football team at homecoming, students from both campuses start to become one grade even before the ninth grade year begins. These opportunities help students feel more at ease going into high school having made meaningful friendships before the summer. Speaking of summer...

Learning our way around campus

Students get a chance to become familiar with the campus during summer courses. Taking courses during the summer is a great way to make friends and learn your way around the Upper School. It’s also a great way to free up your schedule during the school year for an open study period. This is especially helpful as we get used to a little more independence and a more demanding workload. It is also great to have the extra time to meet with teachers, or take a break and catch up with friends in one of the many study or outdoor spaces on campus.

Getting to campus on the Pine Crest School bus

For many of us, making the trip to Fort Lauderdale every morning is made easy using Pine Crest transportation. There are buses that leave from the Boca Raton campus as well as other destinations from North Miami to Boca Raton.

Taking the bus makes it even easier to make new friends as well as get closer with old ones. Students bond on the bus as they discuss what is planned for the day ahead and the classes they are taking. There are also two options in the afternoon: a bus that leaves after school and one that leaves late for students who have extracurricular activities.

It is special to continue being a student at Pine Crest from Middle to Upper School. Students are able to continue their participation in arts and athletics activities at a higher level, and explore new opportunities that were not offered in Middle School.

The transition from Middle to Upper School can seem daunting at first. But with many opportunities to bond with new classmates and get to know previous ones better, the jump is stress and worry free.

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