Remembering Mr. Scott Wing ’13H

Meet Brandon Goldberg ’24

Meet Noa Levin ’ 24

Meet Kenny Chan ’24

Meet Alicia Marzouca ’24

Life Lessons from Literature and Poetry with Dr. Brent Robida

Fostering Connections: Meet Middle School Teacher Mrs. Debbie Gibson

A Q&A With Middle School Math Teacher Ms. Stephanie Jean-Philippe

The Power of Podcasts

Meet Priya Ghanta ’24: Biology Researcher and Future Physician

Advocating for Grief-Supportive Communities

Emerging Leadership In Pine Crest Middle School

Advancing What’s Next for Pine Crest Students and Faculty

A Lifetime of Smiles: Shawna Wanland Retires from Pine Crest After 24 Years

Recognizing Pine Crest School Coach Eileen Pliske

Freshman Year at Pine Crest School: Three Things to NOT Worry About

Glen Pierson ’23H Retires from Pine Crest after 29 Years of Service

A Return from the Wild to the Pine Crest School: Dr. Gabby Wild ’08

Meet Ben Weber ’23

Meet Madison Huang ’23

Meet Christian Geter ’23

Meet Alexandra Gladding ’23

Meet Greer Udelson ’23

Pine Crest Upper School Students Participate in Global Problem-Solving Institute Pilot Program

A Passionate Pursuit of Education

Coach Chris Newbold Seizes An Opportunity

Tooty Ta and Teaching: Ms. Jean Sungenis

Teaching with a Passion for Knowledge

Why Play and Exploration are Key for Young Students to Learn

Five Tips and Tricks For Your Freshman Year at Pine Crest School

Supporting Pine Crest Educators: The Chen Family

Outdoor Learning at Pine Crest School: A Fresh Approach

Watching Pine Crest Students Grow, From the First Day to the Last: Lisa Weihe

Mrs. Janice Reich: A Teaching Career in Service and Gratitude

From 62nd Street to 42nd Street: David Manella ’10

Transforming Tomorrow: Pine Crest Moves Forward with Strategic Renovation and Construction Projects

Mr. Kenneth Ashjian: Positivity In and Out of the Classroom

From the Newsroom to Classroom: Mrs. Jaimee Rashbaum

A Passion for Learning and Leading: Mrs. Francine Savoca

From Student to Teacher: Mrs. Michelle Santarelli ’89

A Conversation with Pine Crest Upper School Science Instructor Mr. Andrew Schwartz

Illustrator and Cartoonist: Dani Pendergast ’13

The Beyer Family on Philanthropy and Supporting Pine Crest School

Pine Crest Students designated as College Board National Recognition Programs scholars

Eighteen Pine Crest Seniors Recognized as National Merit Semifinalists

Panthers Remain Steadfast During COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Coach Dave Smith Reflects on 55 Years of Educating Students at Pine Crest School

A Career Well-Lived with Pine Crest Coach Ruth Bresnahan

The Hudson Library: Reenvisioned as a Space of Inspiration

Motivating Through Math: Ms. Maria Marcello's Passion for Teaching

Soundtrack of an Educator: A Q&A with Choral Director Mr. Michael Testa

Barbara Becker: Teacher, Parent, and Beloved Member of the Pine Crest Community for 25 Years

Pine Crest Upper School Student Helps Pandemic-Affected Fort Lauderdale Residents

Pine Crest School Announces East Campus Athletic Complex Renovation

Learning Human-Centered Design in Pine Crest Middle School

Taking an Inquiry-Based Approach to Civics in the Classroom

Improving Machine Learning One Word at a Time: Joseph Tepperman ’99

Panthers, Piety, and Portfolios: A Conversation with John Mann ’77

Building a Legacy of Excellence in College and Academic Advising: Marcia Hunt ’12H

10 Questions with Upper School Head Joseph Walters ’95

Triple Threat: The Abeles Siblings

Empowering Young Dancers: Emily Bufferd ’07

Ten Questions with Tara McGinn ’88: Alumna, Parent, Volunteer

Supporting Pine Crest Over Three Generations: Steve Hudson ’87 and Holly Bodenweber ’88

Serving Our Country For Peace And Security: Captain Michael Zequiera ’08

On Self-Discovery and Women Empowerment: The Kuel Life of Jack Perez ’82

Leveraging Social Enterprise to Improve Lives in Developing Countries

Strength Training Ushers in a New Era of Pine Crest Athletics

Responding to COVID-19 through Legislation: Megan Zavertnik ’06

Jonathan Dobrinsky ’03: Emergency Medicine During COVID-19

Ten Questions with Washington Post Correspondent Kevin Sieff ’03

Serving as a Medical Resident During COVID-19: Dr. Andrew Logan ’10

Kate Dobbie ’00: Using Recreation As Therapy

Brett Weiss ’15: Inspired to Action

Bringing Together a Love of Sports Journalism and Music: Hayden Grove ’11

10 Questions with Richard Palmaccio ’08H

Pine Crest School Welcomes New Faculty for the 2020-21 School Year

Joe Kelley: Retiring After 22 Years of Service to Pine Crest School

Sheldon Kaplan ’66: Adolescent Psychologist on the Frontline of COVID-19

Using Summertime to Prepare Your Child for Pre-Kindergarten

Pine Crest School Journalism Students Connect with Alumni in New York City

Pine Crest Alumni on the Front Line: Restaurateur Adjusts to Industry Changes

Pine Crest School Alumnus Launches Feed the Front Line

Pine Crest School Alumnus Adapts Dental Practice Protocols for COVID-19 Safety

Pine Crest Upper School Journalists Meet Alumnus Grant Gittlin ’04

Jared Browarnik ’12 and Brandon Halim ’14: Opening Roads at TheTake.AI

Pine Crest Alumni Family Works to Transform Senior Care in the Face of COVID-19

Pine Crest Alumna and New Nurse Manager Adapts to Unexpected COVID-19 Role

Pine Crest Alumna and Emergency Medicine Physician Adapts to Intensive COVID-19 Care

Pine Crest Alumna Goes the Extra Mile Caring for COVID-19 Patients and Healthcare Colleagues

Pine Crest Alumnus and Infectious Disease Specialist in the Race to Discover Therapeutics for COVID-19

Pine Crest Crestian Students and Alumni Receive CSPA Gold Circle Awards

Pine Crest Alumnus on the Front Line of Broward County COVID-19 Care

Pine Crest School is Recognized as a 2021 Green School of Excellence

Planning Your Admission Visit to Pine Crest School

Jordyn Elliott ’16 : Working For Inclusion

Coming Full Circle: From Student to Board Chair

Partners in Business and Life: Stephanie and Tony Correa ’87

10 Questions with Former NFL Football Player Kevin Boothe ’01

Jared Firestone ’08: Team Israel Skeleton Athlete

Develop Your Child's Fine Motor Skills

How Students Develop an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Giving Students The EDGE

A Conversation with Pine Crest’s Three-Time State Championship Student-Athletes: Kevin Mendez ’22 and Tsion Yared ’20

Spotlight on Jana Blackwell ’81: Executive Director of Auxiliary Programs

Spotlight on the Rosenberg Family

Social and Emotional Education: Engaging the World with Empathy

Disrupting Traditional City Scaffolding with Urban Umbrella: Andrés Ulises Cortés ’92

Joining the Family Business: Dawid Goszczycki ’08 is Taking His Family’s Bakery to New Markets

Student Entrepreneurs Make Their Name in The Community

Obstacle to Opportunity: How Brooke Bal ’10 Launched bakebars

Alumni Working Together to Bring Human Connections Through Art

Pine Crest School Alumnus Paves An Unexpected Road To Entrepreneurism

Pine Crest School Security Head Named Campus Safety Director of the Year

Pine Crest School Faculty Summer 2019 Reading List

Student Leadership: Pine Crest School’s DECA Chapter

Pine Crest School Science Classrooms Receive Anatomage Tables

Why Pine Crest School Students Create Digital Portfolios

Top Tools for Techy Tots: Computer Science & Robotics in the Pre-Primary Classroom

Spotlight on Kevin Boothe ’01

Pine Crest Collegiate Student-Athletes

Exploring Virtual Reality in Middle School

Building Teamwork and Imaginative Thinking through Competitive Robotics

Pine Crest Middle School Students Use Biomechanics To Develop Earthquake Resistant Homes

Teaching Collaboration

Defining the Middle School Experience at Pine Crest School

Five Tips To Building Resilience in Young Coders

Honoring Brenda Gooden ’17H

Transitioning to Pine Crest Upper School

Mindfulness and More: Pine Crest School Tips for Success on Exams

Innovation Curriculum in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten at Pine Crest School

Building Success by Merging Art and Innovation

Supporting Faculty Professionalism at Pine Crest School

Harnessing Collaboration and Innovation to Improve Athletic Performance

Developing a Design Thinking Mindset in Middle School

Why You Should Invest in Pre-Kindergarten

Why We Teach Computer Science in Pre-Kindergarten at Pine Crest School

Investing in High Quality Faculty Professional Development

Pine Crest School Brandon Knight Sports Performance Center Unveiled

Second Grade Student Designed a Prototype to Assist Stroke Patients

From Ideation to Fruition

Project-Based Lesson Ideas by Innovation Specialist, Kris Swanson